3D Artist

Job Highlight: 

  •  Create & produce 3D assets for NFT project & Mobile Game 

Duties /Responsibilities:

  • Creating 3D models of products, Character models with low poly techniques
    Optimize, refine and correct model geometry
  • Basic UV, texturing and developing shaders to be used in production.
    Create stylized shading
  • Compose good quality animations
    Develop, test character movement and warp setups.
    Characters skeleton and deformers set up
    Ensuring character movements are fluid, free of glitches


  • Preferably with 2 years of experience as a 3D Artist.
  • Skilled in a 3D package (e.g. Autodesk Maya, Blender)
  • Proficient in a 2D authoring software (e.g.Adobe Designer Series)
  • Understands the usage of Unity3D game engine
  • Self-motivated, Having good communication and collaboration skills

    Please send your application to jobs@fwenclub.com.

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